Pro for Doctors

Q.1 How is helpful to doctors? helps doctors majorly in managing the professional and personal life.

  • Efficiently manage OPD,
  • Get Virtually Present.
  • Maintain Privacy
  • Works as e-Secretary
  • Retain existing patients

Q.2 Why will a patient book an appointment through you when they can directly call us instead?

Of course, if you have an existing relationship with the patient, they can directly call you, but we are trying to manage your personal and professional life. Even if the people might be having a personal touch but he would book an appointment from your page only, which would keep things and database in a flow. So for the existing patients, rather you being bothered with unnecessary appointment calls, or your receptionist struggling with the appointments, allows your patients book repeat appointments with you, 24/7.

Q.3 How can you improve patient's experience?

The patient would experience the ease of booking online according to his time and doctor's availability. This would let patients avoid the long queue and wastage of time. Furthermore, the patients would be happy to get the follow up messages from you which would keep them always in touch with you. makes it easier for the patient to reach out to their doctor before they actually visit their doctor, hence improving their experience.

Q.4 I am very renowned practitioner, why should I use

Our ultimate objective is to manage your professional and personal life which can let you spend more Quality time with your loved ones. And another main objective is to help patients with their time.

Even the top practitioners are finding our service very useful to reach out to people beyond their immediate vicinity, and to manage and service their patients better.

Q.5 Will you share my information publically? Why do you need such detailed information about me? facilitates the interaction between patients and doctors. We'll be publishing your detailed profile so that it helps patients to know their doctor before they visit.

We intend to provide the most validated and trustworthy doctor's profiles to patients. The more detailed your profile and credentials are, the easier it is for patients to gain confidence and trust in you. In order to do so, we request certain information from you so that we can create a healthy and reliable doctor-patient relationship.

Q.6 How is different from other web sites? is NOT a web directory containing basic, potentially incomplete, wrong or duplicate details of thousands of doctors.

We don't believe that such information will instill trust and confidence amongst patients.

We aim to be a service provider par-excellence for prospective patients to connect to a trustworthy, reliable, pre-validated, quality doctors.

If you are booking an appointment for minors or dependent family members, then we suggest you to provide your contact details.

Q.7 How will you manage my appointments and the flow of your appointments?

We publish your available appointment slots on the internet. As soon as a patient books an appointment, you will get an SMS as agreed by you on a certain time, e-mail and appointment notification on the panel for doctors.

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